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You have Choices:

  1. Keep beating your head against the wall and keep doing what your doing...
  2. Let the frustration build and quit...
  3. Work with a personal trainer & learn how to change your lifestyle & achieve your goals 

BODY 4 U Asks - What Do You Want?

What is it you want to achieve in your health & fitness?  What images inspire you the most?  Do you want more exercise variety?  Better nutrition?  Better cardio?  Do you require information on strength training?  Do you want to transform your physique and the way you look?  Then you need to incorporate resistance training to your regimen.  Cardio and nutrition alone is not the answer.  Besides looking better, getting back in shape will help you feel healthy and give you more energy!  With a little perseverance and a lot of patience it can be done. 

Want to Achieve the Lean, Fit, Attractive Body You've Always Wanted?

Find out how BODY 4 U Personal Training can get you better results and a much better training experience.  With our training programs, we have created a unique specialty.  For each individual client, we combine highly targeted weight training, intense fat-burning training techniques and progressive performance improvement.  What's the result?  We will get you a better body, period!  We are focused on you and your results.  We have the ideal place and model for those looking to break free from the big health clubs or the lack of progress from trying to do things on your own.  Our clients are making tremendous strides in achieving their goals.  They love the privacy our studio provides with one-on-one personal training and are becoming addicted to exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  

We Are Different

We have a private studio focused on personal training

The time you spend with us is focused on weight training

You are not paying us to watch you walk / run on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike

We put you on a new program every 4-6 weeks

This way, you know the plan we have for you.  We are not making things up as we go for your workouts. 

We change your program every 4-6 weeks

We do this to shock the body, keep things new and fresh for you and help keep you motivated. 

We track your progress at every workout

We know where you have been and where you are going

Our clients love coming to their workouts and so will you!


Are you tired of wearing big clothes...

stretch pants and sweats all the time?  Do you hate shopping for clothes or looking in the closet for something to wear? Do you hate the way your clothes fit?  Are you looking at the tags on your clothes and hate seeing the size?  We believe we have the solution for you! 

Does This Sound Like You?

You had typically been active from childhood through your adult years

Then something happened - you got married, started a family and began to dive into your career or raising a family.  In the midst of it all, you believed you didn't have time to take care of yourself by eating properly and exercising - you had bigger priorities. This is something a lot of people tell themselves as they get older and their health begins to deteriorate and the weight beings to pile on.    

We seem to accept this lifestyle as part of the aging process like the best days are behind us

We live in the past talking about "the good old days" and what we used to be as if this is an acceptable part of life.  Well, who does not have a job, a family, responsibilities and priorities in their lives?  

Living a healthy lifestyle has to become a choice at some point in our lives

As it is our choice to work, get married or raise a family.  You have a choice to continue to allow life as you know it to be your excuse or to invest in your life and begin to take the steps to make the change you have wanted.

Take the first step and pick up the phone and call and make an appointment for a free consultation

To learn more about our unique training program and offering.    

There is no time for excuses - so don't delay - get started today!


It is more than just exercising - It's about results!

If you commit to the principles and plans at BODY 4 U, you can transform your body for the rest of your life.  

Only it won't take a lifetime to start seeing results.

You will being to notice the difference in just 4 weeks.   

Everything you need is at BODY 4 U

From the workouts that best fit your goals to the instruction on how to perform the exercises; the results you want are yours for the taking. 

The benefits don't end with just fat loss though

You can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.  

The cumulative effect is the fastest results of your life!

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